01 9 / 2014

Hannibal Season 2: Review (Spoilers)

There is a moment in Season 2 of Hannibal which I feel perfectly sums up the show, in which while Mason Verger slices off portions off his own face and feeds it to Will Graham’s dogs, he informs Hannibal he is hungry, who remarks “eat your nose then,” Mason proceeds to do so before mumbling with cackle, “I’m full of myself.” I am ashamed to admit how utterly hilarious I found this.

hannibalBryan Fuller’s…

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30 8 / 2014

Cotap – WhatsApp For The Workplace


Isn’t WhatsApp the coolest thing around? Being able to keep in touch with people all over the world at no additional cost is a blessing when you can’t afford the heavy prices carriers offer. Offices or places of business have a lot of Wi-Fi, but firewalls usually prevent you from using the app. If that is the case, why don’t you consider Cotap, a perfect alternative to WhatsApp, with its…

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29 8 / 2014

And Now For Something Completely Familiar…Monty Python

News that the fabled Monty Python team were re-assembling for a final assault on our funny bones for one last hurrah sent me scurrying for my collection of old Python albums.

Naturally, at two million quid per ticket (I’m exaggerating for comedic effect) I didn’t attend any of their performances, but, no doubt, we’ll all be able to watch the inevitable DVD when it comes out. To be truthful, I’d…

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29 8 / 2014

Why Religion Is The Root Of All Evil.

A controversial topic, religion. But we aren’t exactly sure why. We are just expressing our opinion, we do the same when we dislike a book or a film. We do that without thinking twice. But a religion, no. When one is talking of religion, one is stepping on very thin ice. I intend to completely smash the layer of ice I’m standing upon and dive into the freezing cold waters that sit below me. I…

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29 8 / 2014

Remember tapes and videos? http://www.techreviewer.co.uk/back-anachronistic-technology/  Great article on the technology we have already forgotten! #cassettes #tapes #casettetapes #retro #oldschool #technology #tech #wisdom #oldtechnology #nostalgia #meme #memes #funny #funnymeme #funnypics #takemeback #childhood #kids #adults #parenting #videos #videotapes #extinct #extincttechnology

Remember tapes and videos? http://www.techreviewer.co.uk/back-anachronistic-technology/ Great article on the technology we have already forgotten! #cassettes #tapes #casettetapes #retro #oldschool #technology #tech #wisdom #oldtechnology #nostalgia #meme #memes #funny #funnymeme #funnypics #takemeback #childhood #kids #adults #parenting #videos #videotapes #extinct #extincttechnology

29 8 / 2014

Twitter Followers: 23 Million Bots

TwitterIf you are an active user of Twitter, you may be interested by its quarterly results, updated last week. Twitter announced a $312 million revenue –almost 25% more than the first quarter. Compared to the same period last year, its revenue increased up to 124.5%. Moreover, its monthly active users (MAU) reached 271 millions, above average in the quarter (+24% in one year).  In other words, Twitter…

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28 8 / 2014

There is a scene towards the end of this film, in which Lucy tenderly holds her finger out to mankind’s earliest ancestor. In this moment we are expected to feel the connection between the humans of today and the prehistoric creatures that ultimately formed and created us. Honestly, I half expected her to utter the words “…Elliot,” in a guttural E.T-like mumble and for them both to be taken away…

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27 8 / 2014

The Varied Impact of Music…

I’m probably one of the millions out there who get passionate about the impact of music. I listen to all sorts across the range from pop to heavy metal to even classical but I’ve never settled for just one musician or artist and said, that’s my world right there because there is such a range out there why should i listen to only one?

impact of music

Music is an amazing way to send out a message for those who…

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26 8 / 2014

Don’t Lose Out On Your Gap Year Savings

ukash travel cardThe one thing that should be at the top of the agenda for student travellers this year (apart from having a fantastic time,) is to manage their finances correctly. This means getting the best deal for your money and avoid getting stung by any debit card charges.

New research* from Ukash has found that over half of 18-24 year olds plan to visit Europe this year, and nearly 10% will be jetting off…

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25 8 / 2014

iPhone 5 Batteries Recalled

IPhone_5Apple are recalling some of the batteries of the iPhone 5 after it was revealed that some of them turned out to be faulty.

For those of you who currently own an iPhone 5 (they were sold from 2012 until 2013) don’t start heading to the Apple store just yet. Apple have said that only a small percentage of these iPhones had these faulty batteries and therefore, only these owners will be eligible for…

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